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The Toxic Twenty Ingredients in Beauty to Avoid

These twenty toxic ingredients have been found in cosmetics, skin care, and hair care products here in the United States. Your first step into Clean Beauty should be to completely eliminate these common offenders from your beauty regime.   Formaldehyde Formaldehyde is carcinogenic; it also causes allergic reactions and irritates the eyes and respiratory system. Uses: Formaldehyde is used as a hair straightener, nail hardener and preservative Formaldehyde Releasers Formaldehyde releasers can have health effects similar to those of formaldehyde. Uses: Formaldehyde releasers are chemicals that release formaldehyde over time. They are used as preservatives. Dibutyl phthalate Dibutyl phthalate is an endocrine disruptor and a developmental toxicant that harms male reproductive system development. It can cause early puberty in boys and...

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26 Seconds: The Scary Truth About Our 73,000 Toxic Cosmetics

26 seconds.  That’s how long it takes 1 of the 1,300 possible toxic chemicals in your skin care to enter your bloodstream.  How is that possible? Easy. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. With over 5 million pores and ZERO ability to filter out the bad, it’s also the most permeable organ in our body. In other words, our skin can’t protect itself from harm. We must protect ourselves. What’s that? The FDA will protect you? Think again. Of the 1,300 toxins currently banned in Europe, the FDA has only banned 8 and restricted 3.  Yep, of the 1,300 KNOWN toxins, the FDA has only put limits on 11.  So just how high is your risk for being exposed...

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